Game Audio

I am a sound designer that specialises in producing dynamic audio primarily for video games and interactive media.

Sure, I love explosions, robotic monster-men and crazy futuristic weapons, but I also love the sound of the breeze in the trees, grassy footsteps and any other tiny detail in an ambience track. It all goes together to become more than the sum of it's parts to create a fully immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. 

I am based in Toronto, Canada, but have lived and worked in London, England and Berlin, Germany.


Forthcoming Title - 13AM Games

Double Cross - 13AM Games (Nintendo Switch/Steam)

Furious Seas - Future Immersive (Early Access Steam)

VoidTek - Tenmo Games (forthcoming)

Hell Hole - elGabe (

I also create huge slabs of dark electronic music which I release on ultra-limited runs of cassette tapes, old school style.